Do you love Italian food? Sure you do! We all love pizza and pasta and prosecco. But there are other Italian foods out there, and they’re not what you’d call comfort food.

Dormice – Rome

No, that’s not a fancy Italian word with a flourish at the end – this is a literal mouse. Stuffed with mince. Although technically illegal due to the primary mouse species used in the dish being very endangered, a small village in Calabria supposedly still stuffs their local rodents with mince, nuts, herbs and spices. Yum. It’s so hard to find that there are no pictures of the dish, so we’ve found an alternative image of a stuffed Italian mouse.

Casu Marzu – Sardinia

Cheese? Yes please! How about cheese infested with maggots? No, not a discovery from the back of the fridge – we’re talking Casu Marzu, an aged Sardinian sheep cheese. The EU shot themselves in the foot when they banned this delicacy for food safety reasons (obviously) and in doing so created an unregulated black market for the wriggly delicacy. The ban has since been lifted.

Pork Blood Cake – Tuscany

Sanguinaccio dolce is a pudding made from pig’s blood, made creamy and sweetened with ingredients such as chocolate, milk, pine nuts, raisins and sugar. In Naples, it is traditionally prepared for Carnevale – the feast day before Lent.