So, You’ve Watched the Whole Season of Workin’ Moms – Now What?

Season 4 didn’t disappoint with its funny and scarily accurate trials and tribulations of parenthood. But despite some great lines and comedic moments, this season was not as good as the first, or even, the second that had a really good balance of drama and emotion alongside comedy. Even though the story line is still good, the actors are true to character, with a highlight being that of Dani Kind’s character Anne, who is navigating her way through reigning in her ‘slut-shamed’ teenage daughter Alice.

Although it’s not flawless, it was a really good binge for a Wednesday night, easily finished before 10.30pm.

So now what? How long do you have to wait for the fifth season? The Canadian show is confirmed for a fifth season (as announced on the shows’ Instagram page in April). The green light for the next season however, came as the pandemic hit and everyone has been on lockdown, but creator and director Catherine Reitman said she has been running the writers’ room from home. “All the writers get on Zoom,” said Reitman. “We talk out big ideas, and we’re doing drafts. Everyone’s wearing nice shirts on top, and going bottomless. Keepin’ it real casual.” Pretty much like the rest of the world who are working from home – am I right? So, although we know that the fifth season has had the green light and it is currently being written, it means we don’t know just how long it will be until we have to lock in our babysitters for the next instalment.

But will we get to watch it on Netflix? The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is re-evaluating its ties with the streaming service as it, “is feeding the growth of Netflix, rather than feeding our own domestic business and industry”. We have already seen this happen with the likes of Disney channel (hello extra subscription payment each month), it looks like everyone will be looking to create their own revenue stream and service to cash in on something that Netflix has previously had the lion’s share of.