Spice up your morning routine with the new AirFloss Pink Edition!

The battery alone lasts 14 times longer than my iPhone (two weeks). No more relentless charging on the bathroom counter-top and if you are like me and hate visual clutter – this is for you. And when it does need to be charged you can use any SoniCare charger to charge it. It’s super simple flawless design is paired with the new microburst technology for an incredible result. And it gets better! You don’t just have to use water, you can use mouthwash too! Like my favourite green tea mouthwash that I surprisingly didn’t regret buying? Yes.

Honestly, I’m one of those people that go to the dentist and when she asks if I flossed I’m like you obviously know that I don’t. tumblr_lnaancxYso1ql4185o1_500So naturally I was all for the AirFloss because it wasn’t really flossing and I love my teeth. Of course because of my neglect to floss regularly previously there was a little blood but after a few times doing it I was fine and my teeth have once again got that dentist clean feeling! Check out the special guidance tip, you can’t go wrong.example 1

If you think you don’t have time in the morning for this you are seriously wrong! Each cleaning session takes only 30 seconds! Do you really want to hide those pearly whites?  enhanced-buzz-30209-1365019392-0This is a serious investment piece at just $199.95 and a strong foundation for your teeth’s new lease on life. tumblr_nmtbg9t4Pe1rflk6co1_500