Within New Zealand, indications are that up to 15 percent of the population identify as LGBTIQA+, yet here and around the world this community still faces devastating persecution. RainbowYOUTH Communications Manager and 2IC Toni Duder explained that “in Aotearoa, discrimination means that LGBTIQA+ youth have higher rates of negative mental health outcomes – such as self-harm, addiction and suicide – than their straight and cis-gender peers”. With lives at stake, we cannot afford any steps backwards.

LGBTIQA+ charity RainbowYOUTH has partnered with HELL Pizza to encourage diversity and equality in Aotearoa. Together, they aim to raise $75,000 for RainbowYOUTH by selling 3,000 limited-edition T-shirts displaying the slogan ‘The Only HELL I’m Going To’. The campaign is intended to empower allies to take a stand in support of the LGBTIQA+ community by reappropriating a highly publicised discriminatory slur.

A number of Kiwi celebrities including former All Black captain Andy Leslie, Silver Fern Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Fat Freddy’s Drop vocalist Dallas Tamaira, and actress Loren Taylor are supporters of the campaign and will be encouraged to post photos and videos of themselves wearing the T-shirts on social media. The handle #theonlyHELLimgoingto aims to inspire a social movement in support of LQBTIQA+ issues in the style of #metoo or #takeaknee.

HELL Pizza General Manager Ben Cummings stated that “RainbowYOUTH is an inspiring organization that does a lot for the LGBTIQA+ community” and instantly wanted to get involved with the idea of producing T-shirts. As youth are constantly soaking in all the attitudes and perspectives of society, we want to ensure the messages they are getting about gender and sexuality are good ones.

These custom-designed T-shirts are available to buy online now via this link. HELL Pizza will donate all proceeds from the T-shirt sales to the charity.
Show your support for the LGBTIQA+ community and wear this T-shirt with pride.