Stonehouse Is UKTV’s Latest Tale Of Political Scandal

Inspired by the actual events of MP John Stonehouse, this three-part drama explores his ambition, the pressure of politics and the changing perspectives of people on mental health over the last fifty years.

As a member of the 1970s Labour Party, alongside Harold Wilson, Stonehouse was a family man whose life takes a turn as he climbs the political ladder, hiding secrets that could potentially harm his personal and professional life.

With growing suspicion from his wife and the media, Stonehouse’s plan leads him to Miami, Melbourne and eventually to London’s criminal court.

Starring Matthew Macfayden, Keeley Hawes, Kevin McNally, Emer Heatley, Dorothy Atkinson, Aoife Checkland, Ieva Andrejevaite and Orla Hill, Stonehouse releases on Monday, the 18th of September.