Stop What You Are Doing – The New Season of Workin’ Moms Is Here

Well, it is released officially on Wednesday on Netflix, but we have to have time to gather the necessities for binge watching (and a babysitter if necessary – obviously one within our bubble – ohhhh Grandma!).

To be honest, if you’re not a mum or parent, you can still watch this show as it is hilarious. But, if you do have a kid – seriously this show couldn’t be more accurate and you can totally relate (even if you pretend not to – deep down you know you do!).

The show, in a nutshell, is pretty much summed up in the title but really it’s about four women who return to work after maternity leave and it follows them on their path to discovering that life after baby is not so normal and requires a little bit of extra attention.

Big changes are in the air in Season 4 as the mums stand up for their children, their partners, their businesses and more importantly, themselves.