Streetwear brand launches final collection

Just in time for the gifting season, streetwear brand Earls has launched its final collection of 2019 called Collection 003.

Dubbed by the brand as ‘undefined’, the latest range features a unique set of new garments including a collaboration with iconic American headwear company, New Era. The 30 pieces in the collection continue the same conceptual, design edge from the previous drops, but draws inspiration from American streetwear giants and American sporting franchises.

Founders Lewi Earl Brown and Josh Heares are playing to their strengths, after receiving rave reviews from their ‘shorts’, by making 50 percent of the drop consisting of the item.

“It feels there is a lot of hype,” said Brown. “We’ve had customers pre-ordering months in advance to secure their sizes, and our recent Vintage drop sold out in three minutes, it’s really exciting.”

The design duo hopes the unconventional garment and styling in Collection 003 will surprise customers and attract a wider audience to streetwear. They also expressed their love for seeing women purchase items from the men’s collection and vice versa and look forward to seeing more ‘Girls in Earls’.