STUNTS 101 with Chris Pratt in the new Jurassic World movie!

Enjoy some hilarious bloopers with Chris Pratt who is kindly showing us the behind the scenes to his stunts! I feel like the Karate Kid already – not the one with Jaden Smith…the other one. It looks like they really had a great time making the movie and I can’t wait to go see it!!

IN A NUT SHELL: When numbers drop at Jurassic World, they begin to create their own dinosaurs – one specifically designed to be bigger than the T-Rex. Mmm.. I guess they might of accidentally improved its intelligence too… you’d hope that person lost their job. #MyBad #Oops. Chris Pratt aka ‘Owen’ studies and works with the dinosaurs learning their ways the best way possible – up close and personal.

The Park is open on June 11th.

See the trailer here..