Check out the first ever Planet Earth Flag

We’ve all heard about the new New Zealand flag debate, where only a small 25% of the country (70% against, 5% undecided) wanted to change it to the Tino Rangatiratanga flag…. So while we are all still on the flag buzz here’s something a little more important. The first ever Earth Flag. A flag that not only represents the place we live but all of us together as a unit. Probably the first time all of the countries, all of the religions have been grouped together. And all it took was a flag. You’re welcome Earthlings.

What I found a little funny was the promotional images to go with it. Like for example this sport arena photo. If you don’t hold your country flag (I.E. Australia vs. New Zealand) and hold an Earth flag… then would we be playing a sport with another planet?  Sport

Isn’t it true in America, by law if you have another flag flying that isn’t the American one you must also have a bigger USA flag next to it? Therefore this photo is a crime. #YouWouldntStealACarPorch_flag-1If this is Antarctica this also would be incorrect. Earth itself will have to check with the other 7 countries that “own” a slice of Antarctica heaven and what will the Antarctica Treaty have to say about this?


There’s a Universal Aeronautics and Space Administration? I don’t think NASA will be happy about this. Other queries about this UASA; what country would it be on? Antarctica? Because apparently they have a bit of that (as seen above). What country would rule it? The UN? Also a side note: I don’t remember there being a vote on this flag? Who said Beckmans College of Design should design it? Why not Antarctica? Astronaut_portrait

But don’t listen to me… just look at the pretty flag designed by Beckmans College of Design – who actually just copied the ancient symbol of the flower of life, but hey! I like it! #ReunitedAndItFeelsSoGood