Supernatural Face Oil Out Performs Retinol

Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Face Oil with a natural retinol alternative is scientifically proven to outperform one percent Retinol formulations at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Bottle by bottle, Emma Lewisham unlocks the power of nature to deliver the world’s most intelligent skincare so people don’t have to compromise.

In an in vitro study conducted in April 2023 in New Zealand by the independent biomedical laboratory Trinity Bioactives, Emma Lewisham’s award-winning Supernatural Face Oil, which is formulated to achieve skin health results retinol is renowned for while using only naturally derived ingredients, was tested head-to-head with the synthetic topical ingredient retinol at a one percent concentration (0.3 – 0.5 is the industry standard percentage used in product formulations on the market) to validate which complex was most effective at increasing collagen stimulation at a cellular level while simultaneously decreasing the enzymes responsible for its degradation.

Emma Lewisham’s skin collagen structure naturally degrades with age, proliferating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Independent biomedical in vitro test results found that the Supernatural Face Oil is scientifically proven to have 32 percent higher fibroblast proliferation (fibroblasts synthesise collagen) than 1 percent Retinol and another leading brand. It has also been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis at a cellular level.

The director of research at Trinity Bioactives biomedical laboratory, Dr Paul Davis said that the product showed outstanding results.

“Supernatural Face Oil was the exceptional performer for supporting the health and growth of the human skin fibroblasts and therefore increasing the capacity to synthesise collagen and other structural proteins, outperforming one percent retinol and a leading in-market retinol product. This is impressive and shows that Emma Lewisham’s formulating philosophy, which is rooted first and foremost in the physiology of the skin, demonstrates an ability to work with the skin to enhance its own bioactivity potential and achieve amplified results.”

Retinol is a renowned industry-best benchmark for increasing cellular production to reduce the visible signs of ageing. Retinol is associated with skin sensitivities and irritation and is not recommended to be topically applied while pregnant. Retinol is conventionally formulated to measure the concentration of the ingredient in each product for its desired results. The higher the percentage, the higher the potency and the greater the binding to Vitamin A receptors, and therefore, the higher the amplitude of cellular response triggered, which then increases downstream effects such as collagen production. 

This one-dimensional approach to formulating has left consumers compromised between efficacy, skin sensitivity, and the ability to use retinol, and hindered the potential of how to activate the body’s own Vitamin A receptors for optimal cellular production. The Emma Lewisham Supernatural Face Oil delivers a scientifically-validated formula that achieves results without compromise.

Emma Lewisham’s enhanced Supernatural Face Oil formula harnesses 15 scientifically-backed ingredients, including innovative chloroplast extracts (plant cell powerhouses) that work with the existing bakuchiol complex the Supernatural Face Oil has become renowned for. Formulated in harmony, a specialised two-step, the non-retinol complex is meticulously pieced together that is designed to increase the cellular production of collagen while decreasing the activity of the enzymes responsible for its degradation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“We have developed a proprietary methodology for engineering our formulations, our Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method (P/S Unlock Method TM). This approach has been developed in direct response to the traditional ‘single point of impact’ method adopted in the beauty industry, in which there is a focus on single-active ingredients for one-dimensional results,” said founder, Emma Lewisham.

“In contrast, The P/S Unlock Method targets the skin concern to address and maps out the body’s natural skin cellular processes to identify which process can be enhanced if exposed to a meticulously crafted complex of natural ingredients. Our products are formulated with up to 25 natural ingredients that are innovative in isolation, but the formula’s potential is unlocked when they are combined harmoniously to amplify each other for next-generation results.”

Lewisham also said that the company physiologists have bound cutting-edge chloroplast extracts with bakuchiol to deliver a two-step, non-retinol complex that is scientifically proven to outperform one percent retinol at increasing collagen stimulation while simultaneously decreasing the enzymes responsible for its degradation.

“Our formula is without compromise, suitable for all skin types and is pregnancy safe.”