#SupportLocal: 5 Questions with Auckland designer Jason Lingard

We asked the fabulous Auckland-based designer Jason Lingard about his new collection, what inspires him and what he is planning to do during the lockdown. The popular Kiwi designer launched his label in 2014 at New Zealand Fashion Week. The label is best known for its beautifully draped garments and striking runway shows.

1. Show us your favourite garment in your latest collection. Why is it your favourite?

It would have to be the Versai Dress; it’s three layers of delicious silk drapes and just has so much drama when it moves. It has my signature style but with more femininity than usual. It’s a killer party dress!

2. What was it inspired by? Do you use any special techniques or fabrics?

This piece is from the collection “Linear”; the range plays with experimental pattern making and drape that scrutinises the intersection of line and form. It was all about interesting angles, linear prints and strong silhouettes.

3. Why is it important for New Zealanders to #SupportLocal?

It’s an issue that’s quite matter-of-fact really… the industry is dying. There’s only a handful of brands that still make in New Zealand, so every time you buy from them you are supporting a local designer, a local artisan, a local machinist, or a local shop. It’s just good karma to support the little guys instead of wasting your money on badly made crap from multinational corporations. Buy better less often. It’s better for the planet, human rights and creativity.

4. What is your brand doing in the lockdown?

My retail staff are catching up on a lot of admin for me! And focussing their time on social media and e-commerce. I’m super lucky as I have a big studio at home, so not much has changed; I’m working away in the studio getting an early start on the next collection… while trying not to think about how fucked my business, and everyone else’s is thanks to this horrible virus.

5. Who is another New Zealand designer you want to do a shout out to?

Sarah-Jane from Lost And Led Astray (LaLa). I think what she is doing is great, her label is quite new and has not yet gotten all the attention I think it deserves. I love her designs and I really love her philosophy, particularly that she caters for the plus size market which is really important. www.lostandledastray.co.nz