With a simple, yet intriguing Netflix trailer, I was easily convinced to give Sweet Magnolias a go. Following a rather complex life of three women who “pour it out” at their weekly Margarita Nights, this show is a breezy and entertaining watch.

As the three, Sweet Magnolias, Dana Sue, Helen and Maddie, navigate their way through their lives – Dana Sue running a kitchen and looking after her daughter, Maddie navigating a divorce and Helen a lawyer with many hidden woes, we see the unbreakable friendship that they have maintained and how everything eventually will work out in the end… or will it?

This show highlights the very real lives that many go through. No more nuclear perfect families, hello divorcees-to-be’s, mature relationships, teenagers, teenage love – you get all of it in this series.

Sweet Magnolias takes places in a tight-knit town called Serenity, where someone knows someone who knows someone who knows you. So… tread lightly, and make sure no ones watching, is the rule to live by. The show begins with Dana Sue and Helen comforting Maddie – a divorcee-to-be after finding out her ex-husband was having an affair. Though, the show stays on this issue quite a bit, the emphasis remains on how Maddie finds herself again and takes on an ambitious venture.

After some convincing, Maddie agrees to renovate an old home into a luxurious women’s-only spa with her besties. Maddie to manage marketing and events, Helen to manage the legalities and Dana Sue to be in charge of feeding their guests. Each member of this trio has their speciality, and this spa is where their expertise shines. The amount of girl power/boss babe energy these three give me is something I didn’t know I needed – but, I’m 100% for it.

Overall, this show is, like I’ve said, breezy. It’s easy to watch and definitely something you can throw on while you’re having dinner. It’s not a show that’s trying to have some complicated backstory or meaning – and right now, that’s really all I need.