After years of making dinnertime easy for Kiwis, My Food Bag is now helping to make your home baking simple and delicious with the launch of My Baking Box. The limited-edition Baking Box is bespoke baking solution for foodies that contains four delicious baking mixes; Spiced Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies, Gingerbread, Pistachio Cinnamon Rolls and Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies. Perfect for the holiday season the gingerbread mix can either be baked into two batches of cookies or can be used to build a magnificent gingerbread house.

My Baking Box can be ordered as an extra on any My Food Bag Christmas Bag purchase or as a one-off extra on regular Food Bag deliveries for a limited period. Featuring a number of premium ingredients including Heilala Vanilla Essence, Fresh As Raspberry Powder and a set of stainless-steel Cookie Cutters – it’s the perfect gift for festive bakers this silly season.