Terror in the Third Dimention

I’ll be quick to say that this isn’t the best in the franchise, it is however not the worst. The fifth instalment (or six if you include the spin-off title The Marked Onesfollows the usual found-footage style that has plagued defined the film series, with one major difference – 3D.

The film, much like its predecessors follows on with the witch cult story line, and without giving away too much, main-man Ryan Fleege (Chris J. Murray) discovers hidden tapes and a camera that can record supernatural beings.

While there are some genuinely terrifying moments, it by no means left me feeling haunted like the original did, but as an effective jump-scare flick it serves its purpose.

What’s interesting is the addition of 3D, and how it really did bring the ghostly apparitions to life – hence the super effective jump-scares – but like most franchises that embrace 3D filming, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension compensated the mystery of Toby, the paranormal being, in favour of flaunting the new technology that is 3D filming.

Because of its cult following, any horror fan is going see it, and if you’re looking for a cheap scare, definitely run down to the cinema with your bestie so you can laugh and scream at the same time.