The Dressmaker is more like The Stressmaker

I usually can see where a movie is going. Like the boy gets the girl, the good guy gets the bad guy, sunsets and rainbows and so on. This is not one of those stories. *Warning NO spoilers ahead.*

The Dressmaker is a beautiful cinematic experience that left me staggered in my seat begging for more. I don’t even know how to write this review because I don’t want to give anything away.

The only down side which I didn’t understand was the casting.. I mean yes Kate Winslet (age 40) doesn’t age, but COME ON she is like Liam Hemsworth(25)’s mother. Also Hugo Weaving(55) aka Sergeant Farrat looked the same age as bloody Kate Winslet so how could he of been an adult police officer when she was 6??

On top of that I cried and I don’t usually admit that. But it was great and *SPOILER* I totally quoted Titanic during the worst possible moment and everyone in my row giggled because it was SO TRUE. You’ll see when you watch it.

So long story short, it was beautiful, funny, witty and clever. Go watch it today.