Wish you could just ‘Date Like A Dude’? Sam Pease shows you how it’s done.

Ever been emotionally stuck on a guy? Whether you want him out of the house or out of your life – Sam Pease has got you covered with her new book DATE LIKE A DUDE. The modern dating doctor is here with the ultimate guide to help you identify a creeper from a keeper. How to date with your head and NOT your heart. She proposes the idea that “Beautiful, good men are everywhere. You just need to be in the right headspace to see them.”

Her last book Eat Less Crap, Lose That Fat (which is a gym-free diet) was a #1 best-seller, and she’s just about to drop her  latest masterpiece in early December.

For example, the first Chapter Single Schmingle, Pease says “99% of all socks are single and you don’t see them crying about it.”

It’s a glorious book and I can’t put it down. So to get you hooked, here are some of my favourite quotes so far…

  • “Should you have sex with your ex? If you ended it – go ahead, tap it. If he ended it – stop it, scrap it.”
  • “Closure is bullshit. The only way you can get closure is to close-a your legs.”
  • “So you’ve unsubscribed.”
  • “Retaliate by being successful. Who’s the prick now, fuckface?!”

Honestly one of my favourite chapters is chapter 38: Tinder where Pease goes on to say “Tinder is like the junk food of the dating menu.”

It hits the shelves December 1st for just $30! The perfect Christmas gift for that emotional BFF of yours.