The All Season BBQ Cover

Storing your BBQ away for winter? Or simply wanting a more stylish outdoor patio? The HiberGrill BBQ cover is a stylish designer BBQ cover that keeps your BBQ snug, dry, clean and fresh – whatever the weather.

Durable and tough, the HiberGrill BBQ cover is designed to give your BBQ unbeatable protection against the elements. Combining style with functionality, it also enhances the outside patio when you’re not cooking up a feast!

Each cover is engineered from premium, modern fabric, milled in Europe at a factory that has been a pioneer in developing technical fabrics over 100 years.

The HiberFibre fabric is 100 percent acrylic and water resistant, with a clever undercoating that contains two high effective antimicrobial agents to keep bacteria and mildew at bay.

The covers are finished with an ultra-tough, weather-tight weave, piped seams and tough Velcro bindings. It won’t leak, it won’t mist, has excellent UV protection giving you unbeatable protection against the sun, damp, wind, rain and frost.

All designs come in sizes to fit most barbecues. There are three colours to choose from: Pistachio, Poolsider and Charcoal.

The perfect antidote to boring covers, the Hibergrill BBQ cover looks upmarket and is built to last.