The long Easter weekend was glorious, four days of sun, Netflix and chocolate bunnies. What made it even better was that it happened to fall on April Fools, which saw an array of hilarious pranks being pulled by our favourite celebrities and brands.


Broadway genius Lin-Manuel Miranda along with TheaterMania announced via Twitter that they had acquired the official cast and song list for the Broadway musical adaption of the best-worst-movie ever made, The Room.

Netflix had everyone wondering what Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen was. In a press release that was later revealed the company stated that they had convinced the actor to star in a docuseries in which they framed the actor for murder and followed the resulting events.

Queens of the bath bomb and beauty company, Lush created a special flavour for the first of the month. The Beer Bath Bomb not only helped to create a nice relaxing bath but also a delicious frothy warm beer.


Billionaire genius Elon Musk caused quite the controversy when he posted an April Fools day tweet stating that his company Tesla had gone bankrupt. Which caused the companies share prices to drop 7 percent overnight.


The Dunedin council joined in on the fun by announcing that Anzac Ave would be formally changed to Ed Sheeran Ave, causing a stir among local residents.

And Burger King revealed their latest creation, the Chocolate Whopper burger. The fake burger was supposedly made with a chocolate bun, a chocolate covered patty, raspberry sauce, vanilla frosting, white chocolate leaves and candied blood oranges.