The Future of Sparkling Water at Home and On-the-Go

SodaStream, the leading sparkling water brand, is announcing the launch of two new innovative sparkling water-makers – DUO and ART.

These machines both feature SodaStream’s innovative, patent pending Quick Connect Cylinder technology, which offers a better experience for connecting the gas cylinder to the sparkling water-maker in one simple click – with no need for screwing in. Fast, convenient and far less fiddly, this is the first time this technology has been available in New Zealand.

SodaStream DUO

DUO is SodaStream’s first sparkling water-maker to be compatible with both glass and plastic reusable SodaStream bottles, enabling convenient usage indoors and outdoors. This next generation SodaStream sparkling water-maker is taking the brand’s sustainability mission allows consumers to take it on the go and minimise the need for single-use plastic waste.

The new DUO offers a modern industrial design to enhance the look of every kitchen and is compact, to perfectly fit under kitchen cabinets and shelves. The new sparkling water-maker also comes with many new features including a fine designed 1L glass carafe, perfect for in-home use, as well as a dishwasher safe and BPA free reusable plastic bottle for outdoors.

“With the launch of our next generation sparkling water-maker, we are proud to offer sparkling water users with a solution tailored to their everyday need,” commented Hayley Jeffries, Business Manager.

“With the new DUO, they can enjoy fresh sparkling water everywhere and easily prevent even more single-use plastic bottles waste.

SodaStream ART

Part of the brand’s next generation of upgraded experience sparkling water-makers, ART features an elegant new look.

With its carbonation lever and artisanal slick design, the ART will give a modernly retro look to the kitchen. Having ART in a kitchen is a statement.

ART is the only SodaStream sparkling water maker to offer a carbonation lever, providing a new and unique user experience, empowering the user to be the “maker” of the process, and creating a drink that perfectly fits their personal taste.

ART is available in black and white and comes with a dishwasher safe and BPA-free 1L reusable plastic bottle, essential for enjoying sparkling drinks on a daily basis and also perfect for entertaining guests.


Both the ART and DUO sparkling water-markers have already been greatly noticed in the industry, having each won at the prestigious 2021 GOOD DESIGN® awards, recognised as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge household products. The DUO has also won the RED DOT award 2021 for outstanding product design, while the ART won a bronze award in the Spark awards for design.


The DUO starter kit has also been certified as reducing carbon by the Carbon Trust, and the ART has also been certified as carbon measured, demonstrating SodaStream’s continued dedication to the environment and sustainability.

Available from all major appliance retailers, nationwide.