REVIEW: The Meg, A Good Old Romp

Chomp down this 70ft entertaining romp of a film. We would recommend not watching an ocean screening. The megalodon is imprisoned under an icy barrier of hydrogen sulphide on what was thought to be the ocean floor. While the script leaves everything to the imagination, it is an extremely visual movie and I found myself getting lost in it. Then again, throw me into a theatre showing only 2-star romcoms and I’m set.

The plot pivots with a ‘Crocodile Dundee knife’ moment which I was literally on edge about. It was fantastic and definitely the highlight of the film. Despite this, while it was extremely effective to shoot that many head-on encounters with the meg, you can only have a giant toy shark hurtling towards the viewer so many times… Unfortunately, by the second half, I was already questioning the meg’s credibility as the monster of my nightmares. It didn’t make the cut.

If you are in it for the ROMANCE, it is a weak tease leaving my fellow romcom queens wanting more. STOP GRINNING AT US, JASON!


Ok, let’s get down to business. The old mate Crocodile Dundee moment is the second shark. It was an amazing ru-veal which even Rupaul could get behind. HOWEVER, this was the only moment in the film where the second shark felt bigger than the first shark. I mean, we’re talking huge sharks here and only making it a couple feet bigger ain’t gonna cut it for me.


At the end of the day, you are paying to watch Jason Statham shirtless and a ridiculously large shark eat some people. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?