Close up of sliced sourdough bread with knife

NZ Malt offers diastatic malt and sourdough starters. Perfect for lockdown baking. Their diastatic malts are made from certified organic New Zealand grown barley and are freshly milled to order.

Diastatic malt is a well-kept secret of artisan bread bakers. It is rich with minerals and enzymes that act as natural preservatives and boost the nutritional value of breads.

Further, the reaction of the malt with yeast and flour enhances the texture, size, appearance and flavour of your bread. Artisan breads with diastatic malt powder added will have superior crust colour, crumb texture and sweeter natural flavour.

“Diastatic” refers to the natural enzymes that are created as the live grain sprouts. These natural enzymes when mixed into bread doughs help convert starches in the flour to sugars, which then feed the yeasts.

NZ Malts Sourdough Starters make sourdough baking at home easy. These cultures only need some water/flour to be activated and you will have your very own carefully created Sourdough Mother starter at home. Once you have built up the sourdough, you have it for life. It becomes a living culture that you take from and feed.

This is perfect for anyone who is interested in sourdough baking and needs a little kickstart or if you are looking for a unique flavour.

Sourdough cultures (wild yeasts) are used to make artisan sourdough breads. The wild culture leavens the bread as well as imparting a unique flavour and texture.

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