The shocking and brutal reality of the must-see ‘The Big Short’

I watched this last night and honestly it left me completely satisfied like when you finish reading a good book, but this didn’t actually make any sense because I was also still slightly confused in the back of my mind. When the movie finished my friend turned to me and said “What just happened?” and we both laughed.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for ‘The Big Short’, you probably should right now. It tackles a very serious and extremely complicated subject and they try to repackage this into a short bite-size version for the masses. It is a more brutal, real, serious and less glamorous version of The Wolf Of Wall Street. However, they manage to balance out the technical word play with hilarious explanations featuring Selena Gomez and Richard Thaler with Blackjack, Margot Robbie in a bathtub and Anthony Bourdain with Seafood. They break down key words in the movie like CDO’s, Mortgage Bonds and Synthetic CDO’s.

It almost serves as a public warning via an entertainment service, to not so subtly warn you when you are least expecting it.

MUST-SEE 5/5 stars.