The Short-List #05: Juice Juice Juice

Its the Juice lovers shopping list! get em’ now! #TheShortList 

1. The Skinny One 

Charlie’s has released a new product, that’s going to kick those calories….well halve them. Is that even possible? well apparently so. Its pretty simple actually, squash a bunch of different fruit together, add some water and a dash of natural sweetener stevia…and Charlie’s  The Skinny One has been created! Get your hands on these four flavours – Orange, Tropical, Blackcurrant & Apple, Raspberry & Apple.unnamed

2. Coconut Coolers

Charlie’s is getting fancy, there adding coconut water to there mix! Keeping the drink, light and deliciously refreshing. There all about blending the good stuff together, real fruit juice, pure water and a bit of cane sugar. Satisfy your taste buds with these little beauties.841395

3. Fruit Fix

I mean who doesn’t like smoothies?! Charlie’s  are famous for there legendary smoothie’s, my personal favourite is the Spirulina…so good! What I love about these drinks there is  No Dairy, No Gluten, No added sugar, No preservatives, No concentrate, so its suited to everyone. So many more yummy flavours aswell, Kiwi Aloe and Kale, Berry and Acai and Mango and Coconut. Give Charlie’s Fruit Fix a go!

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