The World Legacy Charity Project

New Zealand fashion and beauty brand WORLD is collaborating with IHC New Zealand to launch the World Legacy Charity Project.

Co-founder and director of WORLD, Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, has been working with the IHC Art Awards since 2009 and was recently named their ambassador. In celebration of WORLD’S 30th Anniversary, WORLD has launched a range of limited-edition, unbleached cotton, reusable canvas bags.

The four artists include 58-year-old Andrew Young who enjoys painting and drawing subject from the natural world, Christina Van Der Hooft who uses geometric patterns in her paintings, Joanna Lynskey who worked at WORLD’S head office for seven years and her artwork was purchased through the IHC Art Awards and Jordan Chow who portrays his love for animals in his art.

All profits made from the sale of these bags will go directly to the artists and the IHC Art Awards.