The World’s Top 10 Horror Films to Watch this Halloween

Halloween is so close, and it seems to be best to stay home, curl up on the sofa and celebrate this spooky season with some scary movies.

Our friends at OLBG have put together a list of horror movies enjoyed all over the world based on the research in every country for 200 of the most popular horror films worldwide.

If you are looking for a good scare this Halloween, I’m sure these films will do just the trick (or treat).

#10: Zombieland (Most Favourited in 5 countries)

#9: Saw (Most Favourited in 5 countries)

#8: Brightburn (Most Favourited in 5 countries)

#7: Doctor Sleep (Most Favourited in 6 countries)

#6: Alien (Most Favourited in 6 countries)

#5: World War Z (Most Favourited in 9 countries)

#4: Get Out (Most Favourited in 16 countries)

#3: Bird Box (Most Favourited in 20 countries)

#2: Midsommar (Most Favourited in 22 countries)

#1: A Quiet Place (Most Favourited in 32 countries)

So you’ve watched all 10 films and you’re itching to see what else the film world has to offer. See this awesome infographic below for some inspo!