Three Binge Worthy Shows On Netflix

Alright, alright, alright! We all have a list of good shows under our belt. A binge-worthy show though is always extremely debatable because everyone’s preferences are not the same. But I’m not here to talk about Friends, Big Bang Theory or The Office. Although, they are all unforgettable classics, let’s give some snaps to a few recent successful series that are equally worth your time.

Lucifer (Currently streaming four seasons)

Lucifer is loved by many, it was first aired in 2016, then cancelled by Fox and revived by Netflix again with the power of social media. It is strong and it is here to stay with season 5 coming in the near future. The story set foot in Los Angeles, where Lucifer Morningstar, abandons Hell and becomes a club owner in Los Angeles. As the story progresses, he later becomes a civilian consultant to the LAPD, aiding Detective Decker to solve homicide cases. Lucifer, in the show, is a handsome devil with an irresistible accent (I’m totally a sucker for a sexy accent), who slowly learns about humanity, love and friendship. He’s chill about life on earth and a bit of a narcissist yet he seeks justice and punishes the bad. Just like the title, Lucifer is what will get you hooked onto the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Currently streaming six seasons)

If you ever want a big laugh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has to be my all-time favourite show for a comedy fix. It’s based in a fictional 99th police prescient in Brooklyn describing the hilarious events happening between the detectives and the new chief. The main character is an incredibly annoying yet extremely talented detective, Jack Peralta who is against anything that isn’t fun. My favourite segments will have to be the Halloween Heists but I won’t give out any spoilers here! It is an entertaining and addictive comedy to watch and while you are binge-watching the current six seasons, the seventh season will air next year in February with a confirmation of an eighth season in the making!

Black Mirror (Currently streaming five seasons)

Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology series where each episode is a solo story. Don’t be intimidated by the title, it’s not spooky or frightening but it will leave chills down your spine after each episode. It portrays the fantasy and the fear of humans in the near distant future. Especially the prophecy like plots and ridiculous stories that perfectly coincides with reality. It will get you thinking if whatever happened in the series IS going to happen to the real world.