Thunberg hits Clarkson’s last nerve

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has unleashed his opinion on activist Great Thunberg in his latest column for The Sun.

Clarkson took aim at the 16-year-old climate change activist, labelling her as a “spoilt brat.”

The opinion piece follows Thunberg’s emotional speech at the UN last week, which led to a social media frenzy and caused mass discussion. The speech focused on targeting world leaders for failing to deliver action needed for tackling climate change.

Clarkson addressed in his column that if the teen was to criticise his generation, he would criticise hers. He said that adults from his generation have provided her, and her generation, with the necessities they frequently use such as the internet and mobile phones.

“I’m sorry Ms Thunberg, but if you’re going to lay into my generation, you must accept it when I lay into you and yours. What about the pills you take when you have a headache? What about the clean water that comes out of your tap? What about the food you can buy at any time of the day and night? No 16-year-old was responsible for any of that.”

Clarkson further claimed that the thousands of people Thunberg blamed for not delivering action are trying to do exactly what she wants. He suggests that the young activist should return to school and work hard in her science lectures.