Top 6 Dog Breeds For People Who Work Full-Time

Raising a puppy is a lot of responsibility; I currently have a four-month-old Golden Retriever at home and believe me, it’s a lot of work. Being a dog lover myself, I understand that working full time while looking after a puppy can seem like a mission impossible, but it’s achievable.

For people working full time, a lot more work and time management goes into having a puppy, be prepared to sacrifice and compromise your current lifestyle. But in the end, when you see that little tail wiggling and that furry bum coming towards you after a long day at work, it’s all worth it.

Choosing the correct breed to suit your lifestyle can help ensure you are not worrying at work and the pup is happily staying at home by themselves. I’ve curated a list of dog breeds that are generally best for full-time workers as they have certain personality traits. So if you are looking to add a furry member to your family, scroll down.

This is an opinion piece, as all dogs are different, unique and have their own personality.



Corgis are the definition of cuteness overload. They are short-legged, petite in size and super fluffy. Even though considered a small breed, Corgis are courageous and always on high alert — ideal for keeping in the house with children.

However, they have a weaker stomach. Therefore, keeping Corgis on a healthy diet is a good idea.


Schnauzer can live up to 13-16 years. The breed comes in three variations, miniature, standard and giant. They are intelligent, lively and independent, which doesn’t require as much attention as they can take care of themselves.

As a bonus, their fur is perfect for cuts and blows; you can always change the way they look.


Pugs are a passionate and straightforward breed. They like to be clean and quiet. They have breathing problems, so they don’t require a lot of exercises – perfect for those who get back home after a long day and just want to lay on the couch while giving your furry friend some pets.

One downside to Pugs is their body odour. A regular cleaning routine is required.


Greyhounds are well known to be professional racing dogs, but how can a racing dog be kept at home alone for long hours? Well, just because they can do incredibly fast zoomies doesn’t mean that’s what they want to do all the time. Greyhounds are easy-going and super chill; they can lay on the couch and sprint away on an open field.


Now I know what you are thinking, how can a big breed be ok to stay alone at home? Golden Retrievers are loyal, friendly, intelligent, easy to train and just deadly adorable. An ideal Golden Retriever is gentle and harmless; they love children, making the breed the perfect family dog.

The downside to Golden Retrievers is the fact that they love food; therefore, a strict diet is required to stay on a healthy figure. They also shed a lot, so daily brushing can help reduce that.


Chowchow, also known as the teddy dog. Please don’t get fooled by their cute appearance; Chowchows are highly independent; they like to do their own thang, alone. Rest assured that you can keep them at home while away from work.

If you want a Chowchow to be close to you, it’s best to feed them from young. An interesting fact for Chowchow is pure breeds have a distinct purple tongue!