Top Book Picks for Kids: April

Stuck for ideas for good books for the kids? Tired of reading the same old, same old to them? Jazz up the bedtime routine with these great reads.

The Midnight Adventures of Ruru and Kiwi, by Clare Scott

Ruru and Kiwi invite you to their midnight forest feast, in this delightful twist on the tale of the Owl and the Pussycat, with enchanting illustrations by the winner of the Storylines Gavin Bishop Award 2019. Drawing a cast of nocturnal New Zealand creatures, with award-winning illustrations by Amy Haarhoff, Clare Scott’s story imagines Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem taking place in a moonlight forest in Aotearoa. It also includes a night=time creatures of the bush glossary in the back.

For ages 3-7.

There’s No Such Thing, by Heidi McKinnon

Bear can’t sleep. Did you hear that? Did you feel that? What was it? It wasn’t a hungry giant or a blood-sucking spider or a fire breathing dragon because there is NO SUCH THING..Is there?

For ages 3-6.

The Astronaut’s Cat, by Tohby Riddle

The astronaut’s cat is an inside cat. And she likes it like that. But she dreams about the strange outside world and the mysterious blue ball that rises into the ink-black sky.

A wonderfully whimsical, funny and surprising story of a very unusual ‘inside cat’ by one of Australia’s finest picture book creators.

For ages 4-8.

The Pirates Are Coming, by John Condon, illustrated by Matt Hunt

Tom has a VERY important job: everyday he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate ships. But when he rings his bell and shouts PIRATES! A few too many times – and there’s no pirate ship – the villagers begin to get tired of hiding. So what will happen when the pirates really do show up? A hilarious retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf with a twist that will keep everyone guessing!

For ages 3-6.

Superhero Gran, by Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Joe Berger

A celebration of just how super grans can be. All grandmothers are wonderful and the gran in this story is no exception. She might not lift buildings or go whooshing through the sky, but she can plan super sleepovers, tell super-funny stories and even put together super disguises. This gran really does have superpowers!

For ages 3+.

Neon Leon, by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup

Everyone knows that chameleons are the best at fitting in. But not Leon. Leon is neon! Help Leon find the perfect match – now in an interactive board book.

Old MacDonald’s Things That Go, by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Migy Blanco

A romping singalong read for anyone who loves farmyard animals and vehicles. Now in a board book format!

Princess Kevin, by Michael Escoffier, illustrated by Roland Garrigue

This year, Kevin is going to the school fancy dress show as a princess. His costume is perfect but somehow things don’t go quite as smoothly as he planned. Next year, there is only one thing for it. He will just have to be something even more fabulous. This is a heart-warming and funny story about imagination, diversity and persevering at expressing your fabulous self.

For ages 4-7.

Bob Dylan | Alan Turing, by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Be inspired by the world’s most famous musical poet Bob Dylan and how he created one of the most distinctive sounds of the 20th century: and discover the life of the genius code cracker and father of theoretical computer science Alan Turing. This bestselling series explores the lives of outstanding people. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. Inspire the next generation of outstanding people with Little People, BIG DREAMS!

50 Reasons to Love Endangered Animals, by Catherine Barr, illustrated by Hanako Clulow

There are so many reasons to love animals: lions have magnificent shaggy manes, penguins go tobogganing on their tummies, bears wiggle and dance as they scratch, whales sing songs, and elephants can feel sadness. But all the animals in this book especially need our love – now more than ever. Learn about their habitats, what makes them special, and show them you care with simple activities you can do at home.

For ages 4-8.

Clever Cakes, by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Ashley King

It pays to be able to think on your feet, especially if you’re about to be eaten alive or cheated out of a valuable prize. And in these hilarious comical adventures with a twist, by storytelling legend Michael Rosen, two super-smart kids are more than a match for a hungry grizzly bear and a bored and arrogant king.

For ages 5-8.

The Princess and the Shoe, by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

A sporty reimagining of Cinderella for any princess (or prince) who prefers muddy trainers to glass slippers.

For ages 3+.

Leap Frog, by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup

Help a jumpy little tree frog find his way safely through the jungle in this noisy interactive picture book!

For ages 3+.

Calm Down, Zebra, by Lou Kuenzler

A celebration of colours and patterns from the pair that brought you bestseller Not Yet, Zebra.

For ages 2-6.