Top Books for Toddlers – August 2020

Read all the books on the shelf 100 times over? Need some fresh, soon to be favourite, books to read to your toddler? Check out these top picks for toddlers this August.

Peekaboo Sun, Peekaboo Cow, by Ingela P Arrhenius

Ingela P Arrhenius’ unmistakable, enchanting artwork and an ingenious slider mechanism on every page combine to make these totally irresistible board books for toddlers. Young children will be captivated by the peekaboo concept and-with something to push, pull or turn on every spread – won’t be able to put them down!

Meekoo Goes to Nursery, by Camilla Reid, illustrated by Nicola Slater

Starting nursery is a big step and listening along to the ups and downs of Meekoo’s day is the perfect thing to get little ones excited about it and quell any nerves. And, with Nicola Slater’s charming characters, it’s totally irresistible!

“Meekoo is going to nursery school today.

It’s going to be a busy day!

First, Meekoo and the other children play their musical instruments.”

Meekoo is going to nursery today and there’s just so much to do! But when Bo and Pim leave Meekoo out of their game, what will Meekoo do then? This fun, sound-button story is perfect for sharing with anyone who’s getting ready to start preschool.

Flip Flap Minibeasts, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Even more crazy creatures in this bonkers book of mixed-up minibeasts!

What do you get if you cross a ladybird with a grasshopper? It’s a ladybopper, of course! And how about a millipede with a stag beetle? Why, that’s a millipeetle! With over 121 possible creations, silly names and strange noises to make you giggle, this new Flip Flap book is perfect for preschoolers and ideal for creepy-crawly fans. With a hilarious rhyming text and brilliant illustrations from Axel Scheffler, simply flip the pages to create some seriously silly mixed-up minibeasts.

Farmyard Friends: Gobbly Goat, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

A friendly, rhyming farmyard tale from Axel Scheffler.

Gobbly Goat is ready for lunch! But what can he find that’s yummy to munch? Join Gobbly in the farmyard on his quest to find a tasty morsel to eat. Little ones will love this friendly farmyard tale from best-selling, award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler.

Farmyard Friends: Cuddly Cow, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Cuddly Cow was sleepy so she sighed and gave a yawn, “It must be time for bed by now – I’ve been awake since dawn.”

Cuddly Cow is ready for bed! But can she find anywhere to get some sleep?

Take a trip to the farm with these new look cased board books featuring Axel Scheffler’s much-loved artwork and simple, yet witty texts that are perfect for reading aloud. Perfect for farm fans!

Pip and Posy: The Friendly Snail

Real-life stories with real heart!

Pip and Posy are spending a lovely afternoon outside, but Pip wants to do some gardening quietly and Posy wants to have fun playing noisy games. Posy’s racket even frightens Pip’s new snail friend back into its shell…Oh dear! But when a big, greedy bird tries to take Pip’s snail, it turns out Posy’s loud voice can be quite useful after all!

A heart-warming, relatable story about how sometimes it’s good to be quiet and other times you have to be a little LOUD.

When a Dragon Goes to School, by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

A delightful rhyming picture book that’s perfect for any little dragon (or child) getting ready to start school.

When a dragon goes to school, will she enjoy a book in the reading den and save her lunchtime treats for a friend? Or will she throw the crayons and refuse to share? She’s going to need her friends to help her behave herself…she is DRAGON after all!

This delightful follow-up to When a Dragon Comes to Stay by award-winning Caryl Hart and Rosalind Beardshaw is the perfect introduction to school for little dragons – and children everywhere.

Octopus Shocktopus, by Peter Bently, illustrated by Steven Lenton

A brilliantly bonkers book about an octopus who comes to live on the roof!

When an octopus comes to live on the roof, the children LOVE their new friend; he makes the perfect slide and is fantastic at football! But some of the grown-ups aren’t so pleased. Will they drive him away…or will they realise just how helpful an octopus can be?

F is for Fashion, Darling, by James Tyler

F is for Fashion, Darling is a tongue-in-chic introduction to all things cute couture, an ode to the new mummy looking to give her baby a strutting start on the important things in life. This book will take you from A to Z through the most iconic words and phrases from the world of fashion. But the words and phrases spoken on catwalks and in boutiques have new meanings for new parents: Bold prints are made by mucky hands, Power dressing involves a mask and cape, and Luxury is being able to sleep through the night…

Babies and toddlers will love playing with this classic board book and exploring the bright, popping artworks that illustrate each letter of the alphabet in not-so-serious style. Mum and dad will be just as entertained by the knowing nods to the experience of being a new parent. F is for Fashion, Darling is perfect for anyone juggling the joy of parenthood with the responsibility of being a fashion icon. This book is your chance to become the chicest mum at playgroup. That’s fashion, darling.