Top Educational Picks for Early Learners

Looking for something a little bit more educational for the kids to read? These three books will be sure to capture their minds, inspire and empower them, learning more about the world around us.

Amazing Athletes, by Jean-Michel Billioud

40 Inspiring Icons: Amazing Athletes introduces you to the top 40 Olympic athletes of all time with fun illustrations and key stats and facts.

Records smashed… incredible athletic feats… Medals won… the top 40 Olympic athletes of all time are here!

In this fun, fact-packed book from the 40 Inspiring Icons series, learn how these athletic stars became the best in the world.

Each spread presents a single athlete, highlighting key facts about their careers, honours, stats and legendary performances, along with a fun, illustrated depiction of them. Every athlete is a winner in their own way, but who will you choose as your hero?

Encyclopedia of Insects, by Jules Howard, illustrated by Miranda Zimmerman

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about insects in this comprehensive encyclopedia

Dive into the world of creepy-crawlies in this Encyclopedia of Insects. Packed with hundreds of bugs, every one is looked at in fascinating detail by natural history expert Jules Howard. From the cutest and most beautiful, to the deadliest and most disgusting, there’s something for everyone in this book which highlights the importance of the insect world. Plus, find out what actually makes an insect, an insect – with guest entries from the non-insects: centipedes, spiders, woodlice, and snails. Featuring 300 bugs!

The Life of Anne Frank, by Kay Woodward

Discover the inspirational biography of Anne Frank – the girl who refused to give up hope, even in the darkest of times.

On the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, discover the inspirational biography of Anne Frank – the girl who refused to give up hope, even in the darkest of times.

In 1942, Anne Frank was given the gift of a red-and-white checked diary for her thirteenth birthday. Nearly one month later Anne and her family went into hiding to escape the persecution of the Nazis, and so the diary of her life in hiding began. In this book, children can learn what life was like in the Secret Annex set to the background of tense radio news reports and constant fear of the ongoing war, as well as reading about Anne’s thoughts, hopes and dreams of a better future.

Packaged in a beautiful slipcase and featuring a red-and-white checked folder of additional content to personalise, including maps, recipes, drawings, letters to the future, story prompts, and much more. Readers can discover more about Anne, the Holocaust, and be inspired to keep their own diary.