Tyler The Creator Teases New Adidas Collaboration In Runway Show

Footage of the full runway presentation of Tyler the Creator’s Golf Wang show that made it’s debut in LA in April has finally hit the web. While Tyler wears not much during the show, the actual collection consists of bright colours, large graphics and casual attitudes. The range also unveils a new but subtle Adidas collaboration. At 29:05 in the video above, you can see a glimpse of the three stripes on a classic Adidas tracksuit. After the show, Tyler talks about his appreciation for the large amount of support and has a guest appearance from alter-ego Thurnis Haley as well as a live performance. Kayne West also made a quick appearance. Soon after, Tyler then gave everyone who purchased a ticket a free pair of shoes.

You can also make a pre-order now from http://www.golfwang.com/.

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