Leading urban strategist and architect Timothy Swanson, is coming to New Zealand for three keynote presentations at the Design Experience Series in Auckland on 19 March, Christchurch on 21 March and Queenstown on 22 March. The youngest person to ever lead a Cannon Design office, Tim guides 200 plus architects, engineers, designers, planners and strategists, creating ground-breaking projects in locations as varied as rural India, to large cities such as New York, Chicago and the even the Middle East.

Swanson is highly experienced in smart growth and sustainable development, working with leaders at the intersection of urban planning, public health and education, identifying new ways design and strategy can positively influence socioeconomic conditions. The topic for this series; Future Built: Today’s Cities to Tomorrow’s Jobs, takes on the challenging topics of building for a world with environmental changes, less raw materials, much higher densities and a changing workforce.

The Design Experience Series will travel throughout New Zealand during the year. Covering five main centres, focusing on the needs of the architectural, building and planning professions. A combination of a keynote speaker session and mini-trade fair, the Design Experience Series provides an environment where industry professionals can enhance their expertise, network with peers and discover new and innovative products. The Series is free to attend with registration.

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