Use Your Voice for Pride 2020

The Auckland Pride festival celebrates Auckland’s unique cultures, sexual identities and gender identities. Just in time for Pride 2020, which commences at the beginning of Feb, Levi’s has launched a Pride collection that places a spotlight on the people who speak out to create a positive change.

Fun, bright and colourful are some adjectives I’d use to describe this collection. With rainbow logos, see-through, holographic and iridescent elements throughout this collection, what’s not to love?

The “Use Your Voice!” slogan is also used to promote self-expression, something you can definitely check off with these pieces. Express yourself however you want, as loud as you want or as subtle as you want, the Levi’s Pride collection has it all. I mean, just look at that denim jacket with “Use Your Voice” emblemed on the back, the perfect mix of loud and subtle.

Grab your pieces now. Available now in New Zealand, exclusively at WORLD.