Lash Extensions or Falsies? What’s the craze with Magnetic Lashes?

Lash extensions take hours of your precious time – from sitting in the salon listening to average music with nothing but small talk to keep you busy to the meticulous aftercare you have now gifted yourself. Yes, they look great, but you can’t even wash your face properly for the duration of it? That’s a pretty high price to pay both for the service, and for the effort you need to put in to keep those lashes looking fresh.

It’s all heart eyes here for Ardell’s new Extension FX range. Falsies that look like wispy lash extensions (minus all the admin).

If a more natural look is for you, Ardell’s Naked Lashes will give you the no make-up, make-up look. With Valentines around the corner, this set is perfect for those who want a chill night with their s/o.

So we’ve seen lash-extensions minus the admin, natural “are you wearing falsies?”, what’s next? Magnetic lashes, of course.

Like most of us, I am also a bit sceptical with this new magnetic lash trend. What if I’m vibing too hard on the dance floor? Will these lashes make it through a night out? Pairing the Ardell’s new Magnetic Singles with the Magnetic Gel Liner means these lashes are stuck on forever. A match made in heaven, a forever unbreakable bond, something we’re all looking for this love season.

Grab your Ardell essentials no matter how you’re celebrating this Valentines season. Available at Unichem and Life Pharmacies.