Love at first bite – Molly Woppy turns 10!

Since 2005, Molly Woppy has quickly jumped into Kiwi’s hearts. The iconic ‘Gingerman’ biscuit is the strong backbone of the Molly Woppy brand. Owners Alistair Parker and Hayley Molloy actually started out making biscotti that they served with coffee at their restaurant and quickly jumped on the cookie wagon. “At that time, there was only a limited choice of biscotti available so we decided to meet the market head on and start making our own,” he said.

After a short six months, making the biscotti out of their home – the demand grew rapidly and so the couple bought a commercial oven and installed it in their dining room. Soon after their little garden studio got an extreme makeover into a full on commercial kitchen and hired an employee to sort and package the product.

Since then the company has taken on board over 20 staff and plan to continue to grow the business even bigger and better within the next two years.

“Our customers have come to love and trust our brand and know that whatever a new Molly Woppy product may be, it will always be high quality and taste great.”

Alistair Parker and Hayley Molloy COOKIE TRAY 6 PACKS #gingerandproud