Michael Kors have launched their new line of smart watches and activity trackers, to keep you stylish on-the-go.

The Sofie has a beautiful thin face, with a sparkling pavé bezel, and is available in eight plating-and-bracelet combinations.  There are seven interchangeable strap options, for the woman who likes to change her style.  The Grayson complements the life of the modern man, mixing luxury and sport.  It is available in gold-tone, stainless steel and blue and black ion-plate.  There are four changeable strap options.

This isn’t Michael Kors’ first time at the smartwatch rodeo, they have previously created smartwatch styles for men and women, however these two new styles have a significant difference – their touchscreen capabilities.  The Sofie and Grayson work with Android and iOS, thanks to their partnership with Google.  Google Fit enables the smartwatches to track fitness, such as how many push ups the wearer can complete, calories they consume, and distance travelled while working out.  The watch can also stream music, from the Google Play Music app by connecting to WIFI and connecting to your phone.  Magnetic charging makes these watches incredibly convenient.

Michael Kors smartwatches pair with a specially designed app, which allows the user to customize the watch face as well as link and scroll through their Instagram feed.  The watches will be released in a variety of new markets by the end of 2017, including mainland China and Brazil.