Wave Goodbye to Free Netflix Password Sharing

Grab some popcorn, and tissues, because Netflix has just announced that it will crackdown on password sharing amongst Kiwis later this month.

According to the streaming giant, sharing is not so caring for its “ability to invest in great new TV and films,” stated Chengyi Long, Netflix’s director of product innovation.

She concluded that from now on that one Netflix account is intended per household and that the account will be limited to use from a single “primary location.” Users that access Netflix from different locations will be blocked, unless it appears that they are accessing the streaming service while travelling, or from a holiday rental.

Previously, one Netflix account could be shared between up to four people for free.

To continue sharing a Netflix account, Kiwis will need to have a Standard account ($18.49 per month) and add one extra user for $7.99. Premium account holders ($24.99 per month) can add up to two extra members for an extra $7.99 each.

Households that have individual profiles set up on the same account will not be affected. Two simultaneous streams are still permitted under a Standard account and four under a Premium account.