Where Do We Begin? Milly Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes, the teenage sister of our favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes. Welcome to a story all about her.

Enola Holmes, played by the talented Milly Bobby Brown is light, smart and funny. We call it Milly Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes, because she absolutely kills it in this film (and also, because she put on her producing hat for the first time).

The story follows a young 16-year-old girl that has been taught everything she knows by her widowed mother. Making her incredibly knowledgable in history, literature, science and martial arts – definitely, not embroidery. Being a film set in the Victorian era, you can see the ‘issue’ we have here. Enola is not the wife-able ‘lady’ that society wants her to be, and she is totally fine with that (so are we).

One day, she wakes up to find her beloved mother missing, she seeks her two older brothers (who have not been in contact with her since she was a baby). And, yep, you guessed it, hello Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes.

Sherlock is amused by Enola’s wit yet, as Enola is Myrcroft’s ward, he is disgusted at how un-ladylike she is and goes on and on about how she will never be a wife and thus being a failure in life. You get the jist.

When Mycroft decides to send Enola to Finishing School where she learns to drink soup like a lady (???), Enola realises that the gift her mother left her before her mystery departure was a big puzzle waiting for her to solve. Enola’s extremely good at puzzles and finds money hidden behind paintings – she plans her escape.

Dressed as a boy and taking a train to London, Enola fortunately, or unfortunately, bumps into another runaway young boy, Lord Viscount Tewkesbury. She dismisses him but finds out he is absolutely hopeless and without her help, he will end up being dead in a split second.

Fast-paced and kept on your toes. The way Milly Bobby Brown frequently breaks the fourth wall to address the audience with her thoughts and feelings throughout her adventure to find her mother is intriguing and fresh.

Brown’s performance was impeccable, you are so immersed in her cheeky and smart character whilst intertwined in the underlying feminism message. Watching this film in this day and age just shows how much we’ve evolved as a society but also how much more we still need to do to fight for women’s rights.

Although, Brown is undoubtedly the star of this show, big names like Henry Cavill (Sherlock Holmes), Helena Bonham Carter (Enola’s mother) and Sam Claflin (Mycroft Holmes) along with upcoming actor Louis Partridge (Viscount Tewkesbury) makes this film what it is.

A great film to watch with your family, your partner, your besties. It’s a film for everyone.