ACNH: It’s About To Get Spooooooooky!

The new update is about to turn your Animal Crossing island into spooky season! Exciting Halloween themed recipes and items are coming your way with the ability to grow pumpkins! Let’s prepare for a little Halloween-inspired island makeover!

We will be expecting exciting new features like:

  • Being able to buy candy from Nooks Cranny so you can give them out on Halloween!

  • Pumpkins will be available to buy from Leif or Nook’s Cranny during October. Start growing them so you can harvest and craft Halloween DIY items! Residents on your island will also be giving out Halloween DIY recipes.

  • Make sure you visit The Able Sisters’ shop during October and get ready to party with the new Halloween costumes for the ultimate experience! Face paints and eye contacts can also be exchanged with Nook Miles.

  • Halloween night will be on the 31st of October, after 5 pm in-game. All your residents will be in the spookily decorated plaza ready to celebrate! Also, Jack, the “czar of Halloween” will pay the players a visit. Be sure to give him lollipops and candies to receive in-game rewards!

  • Don’t forget to give your neighbours some sweets as well or you may risk being pranked! Exciting new ‘feelings’ of fear can be learnt during this time.

Just when you think that was it, there’s always more!

  • The Dreaming Favourite List will be introduced later this year where you will be able to take a nap and visit your favourite islands and curate them into a list to revisit anytime!
  • A NookLink Service in the Nintendo Switch Online application will be updated in early October. Players will be able to use the app from their smartphones to perform ‘reactions’ in the game.

Stay-tuned as we will be revealing the next update arriving in late November right here on Fennec!