Win A Whole Year Of licorice? Sweet As Bro!

Today is World Licorice Day and to celebrate, RJ’s Confectionery is on the hunt for New Zealand’s biggest Licorice fan.

RJ’s Confectionery’s factory, based in Levin, a small town in New Zealand, manufactures around 20 million bags of licorice a year and ships them all around the world for licorice lovers everywhere to enjoy.

To put things into perspective, that’s around 4.5 million kilos of licorice a year or roughly the same weight as seven Airbus A380 aircraft!

RJ’s Confectionery is giving one lucky Kiwi the chance to win a year’s worth of licorice goodness. All they need to do is head over to RJ’s Confectionery’s social pages and tell them why they think they deserve to win.

“Black licorice can be an immensely polarizing flavour, but that’s half the fun! With New Zealand being one of the highest consumers of licorice in the world, it’s safe to say that Kiwis love it, and RJ’s are looking forward to making one lucky fan’s year better with some sweet, licorice goodness” said Jason Clements, RJ’s Confectionery’s General Manager, New Zealand & International.

“If our traditional Black Licorice is not your cup of tea – we have you covered with Raspberry, Allsorts or even our chocolate enrobed balls and bullets.”

Want to win? Check out their Facebook and Instagram on how to enter!