WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY // The Best Riesling In Town

Rieslings are usually a hard sell for people, as most of the time it comes across as too sweet – but Allan Scott has gone above and beyond with this little gem. Their 2014 Marlborough Riesling is simply divine. This particular Riesling has a medium sweet wine with citrus and tropical fruit aroma which is balanced with it’s crisp acidity. The golden wine has strong spicy floral characteristics that resonate on the palate.

This particular Riesling also won two gold metals at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards in 2015, where the Allan Scott Family Winemakers proved that everything happens for a Riesling!!

Perfect company for any savoury dish or pair it with some hard cheeses! (Or if you’re cheeky… just by itself is good too!)


Grab yourself a bottle for the weekend for just $18.00 at your local supermarket or liquor store!