‘You’ is back and creepier than ever


If the television series ‘You’ wasn’t creepy enough, Netflix is bringing back a second season this December.

Season two marks the show’s first go as a Netflix original, after first airing on lifetime. However, with a whopping 40 million views of the first series, the second season is bound to go down a treat. For those of you who haven’t seen the first gruesome, edge of your seat series, the storyline follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) a bookstore manager who starts to develop an obsession for a young female writer named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). The obsession soon becomes sinister when Joe uses social media and every tool at his disposal to get closer to Beck, even going so far as to remove people close to her that stand in his way.

Without giving too much of the second season away, here are a few snippets of information we believe ‘You’ viewers need to know before watching the next instalment.

Following the events of season one’s horrid finale, ‘You’ season 2 has the disturbing Joe Goldberg return, this time with a new love interest in his sights. Introducing new places and faces, Joe attempts to start a new life in LA, however continues to be the obsessive psychopath we all can’t seem to take our eyes off. Inspired by the book sequel, yet adding a twist, showrunner Sera Gamble said viewers can expect a bunch of surprises.

“There’s a ton of great stuff we are planning on doing from the second book. Starting with setting the new season in Los Angeles. But also, now the show has a life of its own and we are excited to take a few things in a direction that will be surprising to everyone, including fans of the books,” she said.

One element of the show that promises a return is the gory scenes. The violence in the first season could be described as tame in comparison to what’s to come, as certain scenes in series two have been described as a horror show.

“At least one scene comes to mind that’s gorier and scarier than anything we had in Season 1,” said Gamble.

“You will know it when you see it.”

New characters for ‘You’ will include Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend that viewers had a slight glimpse of in the finale, and Love Quinn, an ambitious grocery clerk who falls victim to Joe. Additionally, Quinn’s bestie Gabe, her brother Forty and a handful of newbies are once in again, in harm’s way.

If you haven’t seen season one of ‘You’, we suggest you do and fast, as season two is quickly creeping upon us. Literally.