You’ve Done Queenstown, Now What?

How many times can you fly to Queenstown for the weekend? Luxury cruises and long-haul flights to far-flung islands have been put on hold all over the world, so how do New Zealander’s live their luxe lifestyle without the global travel?

Nestled in the sunny Malborough is one of the country’s most luxurious and high-end getaways. With beautiful surroundings to stunning rooms, every inch of The Malborough is luxury.

Pair contemporary suites with local cuisine, outdoor heated pools with beautiful gardens. The Marlborough is a true oasis.

Owner of The Malborough, Angela Dillon, is opening her doors to all Kiwi’s. You can now enjoy a luxury night at the hotel (worth $1800), at a discounted rate of $650 per night with a minimum stay of three nights. This includes breakfast, pre-dinner drinks, canapes and a mini-bar with a fine selection of wine and beer.

Whether its wine tasting or enjoying a relaxing massage, strolling through the stunning 16 acres of gardens, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking the beautiful Marlborough Sounds there is so much to be found in Marlborough.

The Marlborough was built in 1901 for the Sisters of Mercy; this historic Victorian Convent was originally located next to Saint Mary’s Church in Blenheim. Native timbers were extensively used in the construction including Matai, Rimu and Kauri – with their iconic carved staircase constructed entirely from Kauri.

Dillon hopes to encourage more Kiwi’s to explore the beauty that is Marlborough.

“Most people know that it’s the largest Sauvignon Blanc wine-producing region in New Zealand, but what first time visitors don’t know is that the Wairau valley where the vineyards are is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains…making it one of the sunniest places in New Zealand,” said Dillon.