3 of the Best Cheese Toastie Fillings

Somewhat of an institution, cheese toasties are the perfect kiwi off-the-cuff dinner. Usually comprising of a cheese and meat, cheese toasties are an easy to cook yet delicious snack. Check out three of the best cheese fillings.


Pan Fried Camembert Toasty

Place wedges of camembert on top of a piece of buttered bread and top with cranberry sauce, and drizzle with drops of vinegar. Top with another slice of bread and toast.


Chilli and Cheese

Place grated cheddar, tomatoes, chilli and coriander in a bowl and mix. Warm tortillas and place mix on top of filling. Top off with another tortilla and heat in a toasted sandwich machine or in a frying pan.


Italian Toasties

Cut a loaf of bread in half and spread tomato paste on one side. Add fillings of your choice such as sundried tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni, ham or mozzarella. Cover the loaf in tin foil and heat in the oven.