Made-to-measure pyjamas

Get ready, because your nighttime wardrobe is about to get a whole lot classier. Menswear retailer Indochino is best known for their customisable suits and have diversified their range to include a funky new nighttime range.

Introducing made-to-measure pyjama’s, the only way really fancy men will be able to sleep from now on! Costumers can choose from a selection of cool patterns inspired by the groups most popular jacket linings including floral burgundy and navy polka dots. Then they can add lapels, buttons, pockets and even cuffs to give their night-time apparel an even more decadent look.

Not only is this new sleepwear range incredibly fanciful, it is also practical! The garments have been designed to keep in heat and warmth to ensure a better night’s sleep for wearers on cold winter nights.

Made-to-measure pyjamas are the funky wardrobe item you never know you needed, so get shopping and class up your bedtime look!