10 New Auckland Restaurants You Need To Try

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped Auckland hospitality from flourishing this year. With new restaurants, bars and cafes continuously opening throughout the year, being foodies at heart, we are here to share the best openings in 2022.


KOL | Ponsonby

KOL, pronounced ‘coal’ and inspired by the same word, is a bar and eatery perfect for any occasion, whether an after-work drink, a Friday night out or a fancy weekend dinner with loved ones. They serve creative and innovative cocktails and drinks paired with tandoor-inspired small and large plates primarily cooked over fire.

Sunset | CBD

Suppose you are looking for a fun-tastic rooftop bar to sip your time away with insta-worthy cocktails and food. In that case, Sunset Bar, located atop Sudima Hotel on Nelson Street, is the place to go.

Inspired by 70s pastel shades, curves and textiles, each corner of Sunset is worth taking a picture of. They also have daily DJ Sunset Sessions and a stunning view of the Auckland CBD.

Atelier | Karangahape Road

Atelier, a workshop where artists work their magic, is located in the heart of vibrant K road. It’s elegant and lush, and their French tapas with a wide selection of beautiful cocktails and wine will definitely make you go; oui! oui!

Atelier’s French executive chefs, Kélian Monteil and Alexis Petit, continuously create an enticing menu that focuses on French techniques and dishes while celebrating New Zealand’s excellent produce. Their menu is seasonally crafted with fresh local ingredients and designed to be shared.

Hawte | CBD

Opened in Chancery Square and ready to serve, Hawte is New Zealand’s first boozy ice cream parlour, AKA Barlor.

Here to delight your taste buds, think Mango & Malibu, Spiced Rum & Nutella, Jack Daniel’s & Dark Chocolate and even a Mexican Hot Chocolate with a generous drop of Tequila and ghost chilli. Hawte keeps their boozy ice creams fresh by swapping out their unique flavours every two weeks, and non-alcoholic options are available for the non-drinkers!

Carmel, Israeli Street Food | Eden Terrace

Experience real Israeli street food right here in Auckland. Carmel brings our taste buds into the streets of Israeli by creating traditional cuisines from seasonal produce and new flavours like never before.

They also offer catering to weddings, corporate events and private functions.

North Shore

Tokki | Milford

Show of hands for a love of Korean cuisine! Tokki is the newest Korean restaurant hot spot in the heart of Milford, North Shore.

Tokki means ‘rabbit’ in Korean, which is the adorable mascot of the restaurant. The rabbit artwork can be seen on the restaurant’s wall.

Not only will you be impressed by the interior, but the delightful menu will take you down a rabbit hole of deliciousness. Our top picks are the iconic slinging metre-long noodles, prawn and mushroom-stuffed chicken wings and wagyu ribs with black garlic jus. & white kimchi.

Vic Road Kitchen | Devonport

Set in a rustic Mediterranean style, Vic Road Kitchen serves fresh, seasonal New Zealand produce in historic Devonport.

Executive Chef Ian Shields and ‘partner in wine’ Harriet Shields have combined their extensive knowledge and experience, delivering delicious Mediterranean cuisine and a curated wine offering.

The Vic Road Kitchen menu changes daily, reflecting a commitment to showcasing fresh ingredients from artisan suppliers and ‘as available’ seasonal proteins.


Mighty Hotdog | Pakuranga

Bringing iconic hotdogs to the next level, Mighty Hotdog has opened another branch in Pakuranga. Forget the dull, thick dough-wrapped cheap hotdog and say hello to coatings rolled in different types of crisps and sugar, giving you that savoury yet sugary taste. We also strongly recommend the mesmerising cheese pulls from their wide selection of mozzarella-stuffed hot dogs.

Blend Cafe | Botany

Sprinkling Korean fusion dust on your next cafe hot spot, Blend Cafe serves your breakfast and brunch with a twist! Whether it is Korean fried chicken with a side of fries or their famous Bul-go-ghetti, the menu is a no-brainer foodie haven.

Blend Cafe also have a selection of mouth-watering cabinet foods; look at that spongy swiss roll! There are also snickers cakes and fruit loop cream croissants, which will get you salivating before you even get seated.


The Muriwai Deli | Muriwai

The Muriwai Deli is an epic collab between legendary coffee and pudding truck, Double Shot and Double Parked. Located inside the Muriwai Lodge, The Muriwai Deli serves up a selection of sandwiches, toasties and desserts that’ll blow your mind.