We are at the end of level 4 lockdown but level 3 doesn’t mean freedom just yet. We’ve been staying in our own bubble and terribly missing the game nights and the catch-ups with friends and family. Lucky for us, these thoughtful game developers have got us covered, keeping us complied to social distancing while still being able to connect with our friends and family, virtually.


Moveover, Facetime. Houseparty is in. Catch up with your friends for a Friday quiz night or simply just have a video-call hangout! Houseparty is video-calling with a twist. You can play games with your friends while you call, with games ranging from “Chips & Guac” – a cards against humanity- like game, “Heads Up, Sounds it Out”, similar to popular Ellen game named Heads Up, “Quick Draw”, a pictionary-esque number and last but not last, “Trivia”. These are all the games you’d play in a physical house party – and since we can’t see each other in person just yet, Houseparty has our Friday night shenanigans, COVERED!



Fornite is as third-person shooter game that started off as a computer game and expanding to the mobile platform, it’s now available on most popular gaming consoles. The Battle Royale game mode consists of 100 players together on one map and battle to be the last man standing. You can also play with friends as a group of up to four where you start off with a pickaxe and search for resources and weapons to protect yourself and fight others. As the game progresses, you will stay inside a giant circle that will gradually shrink in size so you can’t just hide somewhere and hope to win the game. It is so popular amongst young people that they held their first esports competition on June 12, 2018. We certainly can’t get enough of the thrill that the game brings us!



Not so much of an action type player? We got you covered. Word with friends is like a digitalised Scrabble that lets you connect with your families and friends during the quarantine. If you are not familiar with the gameplay, the rules are players are given seven randomly chosen letter tiles, which are replenished until all 104 tiles have been used. Players then take turns forming words on the board or, instead of playing a word, may also choose to swap tiles with the pool of currently unused tiles or pass their turn. Players can form words either vertically or horizontally on the board. The player’s aim is to score as many points as possible. There are also mini-games available to switch things up! Such as Lighting Rounds and solo challenge events!



Big Bear Entertainment develops a whole range of hidden object puzzle games. Suitable for anyone that loves to explore and those who pay attention to details. Each game has a different theme and engaging storyline to go with it. From searching objects in a house, mysterious guardians, to criminal cases. It will defiantly be an exciting substitution for the need of going outside of your house!



Temple Run is an old one but a goodie on our list! Initially released on August 4, 2011, we remembered the game being a hit when it first came out! Now it has a new version with much better graphics and smoother gameplay! In the game, you’d experience gorgeous new organic environments, new obstacles, powerups, achievements, and bigger monkeys while you run, jump and slide! We’d say it’s a better replacement for actual jogging outside.