Indulging in a cup of tea and a few minutes to yourself can be incredibly satisfying and with Ti Ora’s new range of premium New Zealand teas that experience has become even more restorative.

Lovingly crafted in New Zealand, Ti Ora is blended using some of the world’s finest tea leaves, fruits, herbs and native New Zealand botanicals – selected for their ability to support wellbeing. With the addition of five new flavours to the Ti Ora range, there is a blend to suit every discerning tea lover.

The new flavours include lemon, honey and chamomile with manuka leaf, peach and passionfruit green tea with kawakawa, cinnamon chai tea with horopito, spiced apple and rhubarb fruit tea with manuka leaf, and strawberry and pomegranate green tea with kawakawa.

With no added sugar, caffeine free options, all natural ingredients and New Zealand botanicals, there really isn’t any better way to taste wellbeing.