Dave ‘Brown Buttabean’ Letele joins forces with Sealord to encourage a healthier New Zealand

Former Professional Boxer David Letele, Brown Butabean, has teamed up with Sealord to help three Kiwis on their journey to health and wellness. This is part of Sealords 30 day challenge which encourages three participants to complete daily activities while forming healthier lifestyle habits. Sealords initiative has come from its commitment to improving health in New Zeland.

“Sealord’s mission to encourage Kiwis to eat better and be healthier really resonated with me. The first and most important step to creating a healthy lifestyle is ‘starting today’, not tomorrow, but today. Working hard, eating well and having a ‘no excuses’ mentality are the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve already put the participants through their paces and will be supporting them every step of the way over the next 30 days,” says Letele.

Anna Alder, 35, an Auckland student and single mother, Phil Padman, 33, an ambulance officer from Upper Hutt and Maringi Parnell, 41, an academic coordinator from Christchurch are participating in Sealords 30 day challenge.

These three participants not only have the support of Letele but Sarah Hanrahan, registered dietician for the Nutrition Foundation and Dr. Ruth Jillings, a wellness expert. The participants will be completing daily activities to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

Sealord spokesperson, Sarah Sandoval says, “New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD so it’s a good time for us all to stop and assess where our lifestyles are at. It’s not about restrictions and diets, it’s about eating real food with nutritional benefits to encourage a healthier lifestyle.”

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